Application Kits

Application Kits

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Standard Application Kit: This kit comes with an application squeegee and application fluid.

PRO Application Kit: This kit comes with everything you would need for a rear projection film or anti glare film application. Also comes with an higher-grade squeegee for increased coverage and application ease.

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A projection film application kit gives you the ability to install your rear projection film with the same tools used as professional installers. The correct application fluid and application squeegee make all the difference when applying rear projection films. This kit come with a professional grade application squeegee and application fluid.

Purchasing a projection film application kit is very much advised if you are purchasing a sample pack to test with, or any one of our rear projection films. Every film uses the same type of built-in, hi-tac adhesives that require application fluid, not water, for installations.

The installation squeegee is just as important, if not more important, for a high quality film installation as application fluid is. Incorrect squeegees can not only scratch and damage a rear projection film during installation, but also inferior squeegees don’t allow you to apply the amount of even pressure needed to remove all of the application fluid from under the film during your installation of your film.

Application Fluid is your friend! A common mistake is not using enough application fluid during installation. This results in streaks in your film due to adhesive not being fully used and, more importantly, limits the amount of time you have to position your film.

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