Low-E Glass Tester

Low-E Glass Tester

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Our Low-E Glass Tester will help you determine ahead of time whether or not you need to replace your glass or find a different application area.

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Before purchasing your touchfoil, it is always a good idea to test your glass surface for conductive coatings with our low-e glass tester. Applied touch products almost always use capacitive sensors to track input. Conductive coatings (such as a low-e coating) can cause interference with your touchfoil’s¬†sensors. This results in the touchfoil mistaking the interference for user input. If the level of interference is too great, it becomes practically unusable.

Using one of our low-e glass testers can save you a lot of trouble. If you know your glass is compatible, you can take the next step and purchase your very own interactive touchfoil.

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