Cling Film

Cling Film

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If you think you may want to remove your interactive touchfoil from your installation surface, then applying our cling film before should be your first step.

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Are you looking for a non-permanent touch-screen-on-glass solution? Look no further! Our cling film will allow you to make your touchfoil installation temporary. While each touchfoil does come with permanent adhesive, you do not necessarily need to use it.

Cling film is a great way for you to get the most possible use out of your touchfoil purchase. Instead of being locked into a single install location, you can move your interactive display around as you see fit. Cling film gives you the freedom of experimentation so your display can be honed to perfection!

*Note: The product’s adhesive is not meant to be used more than once. If you plan on moving your touchfoil installation multiple times, we highly recommend purchasing additional orders.

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