Outdoor Kiosk

Outdoor Kiosk

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Our Outdoor Kiosks are individually manufactured to customer specifications. Our kiosks combine the latest and most effective digital signage and multitouch hardware in sleek, attractive designs that can be incorporated beautifully into almost any environment or setting.

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Digital signage without fear of weather or environmental concerns! Outdoor Kiosks are built to accommodate the weather in every continent on the planet. If you are looking to provide street-level engagement with potential customers, an outdoor kiosk is an excellent medium. You can expand your marketing efforts into unexpected locations such as shopping centers or busy parts of town.

Screen Solutions International’s outdoor kiosks can be shipped as an interactive touch-screen or as a stand-alone digital signage solution. Either product can be installed in most locations without concern of environmental conditions. To fully expand your brand, pair any of our outdoor kiosks with an indoor kiosk for your location!

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