Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-Reflective Glass

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Depending on the viewing angle, ordinary glass reflects 8% – 20% of light and will cause unwanted, mirror-like reflections. Most anti-reflective glass reduces reflections to around 1%. Our glass nearly eliminates glare by reducing reflections to 0.6%, making it the optimal choice when maximum transparency is needed.

Post-processing can transform the glass into thermally toughened, laminated-safety, or insulating glass. The coated glass can be bent or screen-printed, and can undergo the same processing as ordinary glass. Anti-reflective glass can also provide a variety of levels of UV protection, with up to 100% block. Double glazed and double glazed with LOW-E options are also available.

If you are looking to update an existing glass display without replacing the glass, try some of our anti glare film for an easy solution.

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